What to do After an Informational Interview?

Heather Palow
March 6, 2018

When considering the informational interview process, you've reviewed your Alumni network, talked with past colleagues and strategically identified professionals in the field or organization that most interest you. You’ve found that many people are happy to share their time and insights.

Now what?!?

The single best thing you can do to find a job is to start informational interviewing.  Informational interviews can open up huge opportunities. Don’t let all that amazing energy go to waste!

To Dos After an Informational Interview:

  • Show Appreciation: Your thank you letter can be surprisingly powerful if you take the time to tell your Interviewer why you appreciate the insights and thoughts that they shared with you.
  • Add Social Media Connections: Make the effort to connect with your Interviewer via social media to give your new relationship a chance to grow and foster greater connection in the future.
  • Mark Your Calendar: Put a 15 minute reminder in your calendar a month after your interview to send a quick follow up message reiterating your thanks to the Interviewer while mentioning an item or two that you found particularly helpful from your conversation. If they mentioned challenges in their industry or company, you could offer an interesting article or solution that you’ve heard about since your informational interview.
  • Honor the Process: You’ve had a great experience, maybe learned more about the industry you want your career to expand into, possibly even landed a job. Always make sure when engaging with other professionals that you pay it forward when someone asks you to meet for a cup of coffee.

You have a lot to offer to others, no matter what stage of career you are in. Our multi-generational hyper-connected workforce has more opportunities than ever to leverage your networks and open doors to new opportunities - for yourself and others.

Heather Palow Finding Your Moment

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