What Skills are Worth Learning in 2019?

Heather Palow
January 15, 2019

As the calendar moves to the half way point in January, many of us continue to ponder  what skills are most needed to achieve the resolutions we recently set.

Related to skills and success in 2019, LinkedIn did some number crunching research. They searched their archives of 50,000+ professional skills and came up with a list of top soft and hard skills companies need most.

To help spur us into learning these new skills (regardless of if we have resolutions related to them or not) LinkedIn is offering their courses related to those top skills for free until the end of the month.

While I'm often the first person to advocate for learning new skills, I do have a few suggestions before jumping into your first class.

Tips for success before taking online LinkedIn Learning classes:

  • Read the fine print: your first X number of days are free and then they automatically renew your LinkedIn Learning membership. While you might expect this, pay attention to when your class ends because they have a very strict no refunds policy.
  • Consider the "total time" to complete the course: Some courses say 2 hours, others say 24. Consider your current schedule and if it truly allows for a multiple hour professional education learning opportunity right now or not. Blocking time in your calendar to complete the course will increase your chances of success.
  • Plan to discuss what you are learning with a colleague or friend: Talking about how you will apply the skills you are learning to your work or career will personalize the information and increase the value for you.

Ready to give online learning a try?

Check out LinkedIn's blog post to get started: The Skills Companies Need Most in 2019 - and how to Learn them."

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