Small Steps to Reinvent Your Career or Business

Heather Palow
January 15, 2021

As we fly through the start of the new year, you might be considering what steps to take to make the most of it. How can you change your job or business to help you become your best self? Two questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I want my life to look like in the future?
  • How can I create that life?

Yes, these questions may sound huge and hard to answer, but there are ways you can take small steps to jumpstart the process and make it attainable.

Identify important pieces in your job or business and create 1-3 goals for each.

When you think about all that a career entails it can be quite exhausting to create big monster goals, so you could start with categories such as professional development, social support, and well-being. For each of these, you’ll need to identify key action items that you can accomplish. For example:

  • A professional development goal in your job or business may look like finding a virtual training for each quarter that support different areas you'd like to learn more about.
  • A social support goal may look like finding 5 people on LinkedIn to network with who are part of your industry in your state.
  • A well-being goal may look like setting up 1:1 meetings once a month with various people who you've missed having in your life recently and meet (virtually or in person) to see how they are doing.

These smaller career goals can help you identify people and organizations outside of your day-to-day activities that can expand your network and opportunities.

Be patient with yourself and find support.

It may take the season or the whole year to get closer to reinventing what your ideal career or business will look like, but you’ll find strength through the journey, and that will last forever.

You are your own champion stretching your experience and finding your moments of success.

Let me know how I can help!

Heather Palow Finding Your Moment

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