Business Coaching

Find clarity in your business's goals, resources, and path to success.

Looking for clarity in your business?

We will guide your creativity and connections while helping you stay focused, motivated, and results oriented.
We see big potential in every person and every moment. We care deeply about small businesses and are committed to helping others find their passion, grow their businesses, and prosper in all aspects of their life while pursuing their business dreams. We will provide a:
Non-judgemental sounding board to help support your business efforts.
Step-by-step system and structure for achieving forward momentum.
Partner in creating your small business action plan that has clear, concise, and achievable steps.
Support system to help you in determining who you need on your team in the short term and long run.
Heather is a refreshing voice when it comes to career and business strategies - she is thoughtful, calming, and she has purpose in everything she says and does. I have been working with her on and off for awhile and she definitely executes, which has been helpful for my personality.
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Small Business Coaching Client

What's included in Business Coaching?

The beauty of phone or virtual coaching is it can take place nationally or internationally, in the comfort of your own home or office, and time is not wasted getting to and from the session. Each coaching session is 50 minutes. Why 50 minutes? Because 30 minutes isn't enough time to really dig in and 50 minutes is the perfect amount of time to absorb information without feeling overloaded! In addition to coaching, our time together includes:

Pre-coaching exploratory session and learning assignments.

Early on, we'll talk through your goals, obstacles, and opportunities at a high-level. Then drill deeper into the details with some targeted learning assignments.

An agreed upon coaching contract.

Based on your outcome goals and the scope of our coaching relationship - as we define it in our exploratory conversation - we will predetermine the number of coaching sessions we will focus on for initial action steps. 

We will then review our progress and determine next steps.

Email correspondence between sessions when needed.

We welcome an open dialogue throughout our relationship to keep on schedule and accountable.

Reflections and tasks to help you move forward.

Real transformations in your business don't just happen during our coaching sessions. 

We'll help you reflect on your journey and encourage specific tasks to help you move the needle towards your goals between sessions and beyond, helping position you for a wealth of success well into the future.


We will craft an action plan that is unique and works for you as navigating your business clarity doesn't just happen in the 50 minutes we are working together in our sessions.

Is Finding Your Moment the Business Coaching solution for you?

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Questions on your mind?

We've rounded up a list of the most common questions we receive and created a FAQ library to make this process as easy as possible for you!
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