Along with Pumpkin Spice, September is “Update Your Resume Month!”

Heather Palow
September 18, 2018

Was the pumpkin spice craze going strong the last time you updated your resume? If so, it's time to grab a latte and take a peek at your career documents as the fall season begins again.

Even if you don’t have an urgent need for updated career documents right now, it's well worth the time it takes you to drink a warm beverage to review your documents and consider your achievements.  In fact, I updated mine recently and found a few things that needed revision.

Keeping tabs on your resume is a best practice for your career management!

You’ll be glad you did when someone presents an unexpected opportunity and asks for yours. Of course, I recommend that you edit it once more with that new exciting job in mind.          

If pulling out your resume makes you realize that you’re not where you want to be right now in your career or business endeavors, you might need to take a fresh look at things to strategize your next career move.  As you consider where you want to be in 3-5 years, think about what education requirements are needed and what skills you might need to brush up on to be competitive as you change careers.


Feeling like you've got a ton of potential paths ahead and aren't sure what one to take?


Send me a message and we'll have a virtual cup of coffee as we discuss your options and gain clarity on next steps in your resume... and career!


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