About Finding Your Moment, LLC

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Our Philosophy

“Everyone wins if people love their jobs.”

A favorite quote and one that we think of often as we work with both career changers and small business owners.

At Finding Your Moment, our goal is to empower professionals in their career success. Knowing what your strengths are enables you to design and implement strategies and systems that will work for you to grow as a professional.

Why You Should Work With Us

Heather’s spent much of her life asking a lot of insightful questions, both to help her understand why things are the way they are and so she could observe the reactions of others when they hear their own answers. She helps clients to discover the patterns of limiting beliefs that keep them stuck in professions that aren’t satisfying to them, then guides their creativity and innate wisdom to figure out how to convert those limiting beliefs into careers and businesses that bring them immense satisfaction. 

We don’t believe that there’s only one way to accomplish meaningful goals and find that we can get so mired down in the checklists of our lives that we fail to see the bigger picture of what we want our professional careers to represent. At Finding Your Moment, you can explore the path that feels right for you in your career. 

Whether we're talking about your career strategy, resource plan or action steps, YOU are in complete control. We brainstorm together to use your own creativity when solving problems, and Heather will offer advice and information when needed. You make your own decisions based on the overall discussion; decisions that you feel confident about implementing.

We will work to empower you to create sound decisions and to feel confident about your decisions, but won’t judge decisions you make. If, at any time, you do not feel comfortable, you can simply say so. You always have the right to terminate the coaching/consulting relationship if it is not working for you. Strict honesty makes this possible while we will partner in your progress to find your moments of success.

About Finding Your Moment, LLC

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Finding Your Moment started in 2015. We are physically located between Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon in the beautiful small town of Longview, WA. All services are offered virtually. Our clients are from all across the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Our workday varies, allowing us to be available to our Eastern time zone clients as well as our Alaska time zone clients, and everyone in between. Email heather@findingyourmoment.com for more information.

We endeavor to return all phone calls and emails within two business days.
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Heather Palow, owner of Finding Your Moment, LLC provides strengths-based coaching services. Employing well-researched and proven methods to support people as they identify their strengths, Heather's passion is empowering others to capitalize on their natural gifts.

Heather's formal education includes a M.Ed in Education Leadership from the University of Vermont, a Certified Executive Coaching Certificate from CoachTraningEDU, an Associate Coach Certification from the International Coaching Federation, and a B.B.A. in Human Resources Management from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She holds additional professional certifications in the areas of Leadership and Management, Advanced Project Management, Project Management and Emotional Intelligence.

Heather’s informal education includes growing up in a family of solopreneurs and seeing the good and bad of it all --- seeing first hand the many challenges small businesses go through and deciding to support others with achieving their dreams.

If you’ve started your career journey but realize that you need some support, check us out, Finding Your Moment can help clarify your journey.  With a flexible support system that will help you rediscover the path that you've always known you've wanted, you'll do great! Are you ready? Let's get started!
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