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We provide career services leading to personal, professional and organizational achievement.

Knowing what your strengths are, helping you design systems and strategies that work for your career or business, and determining your next training development activities are just a few of the ways we provide approach the changes in the work environment with intention and impact.

Want a better job or career? Looking for a step-by-step system and structure for achieving it?

career coaching client testimonial

Meeghan, Career Coaching Client

from Vermont
"Heather is a thoughtful listener who is passionate about helping people finding their own passion. I found Heather at a time when I was struggling with next steps in my career and I needed someone to hold me accountable during my search."

Our Moment Finding Process

We support people searching for the career they want at this moment in their lives. You already have your answers; we’ll help you find them.

By bringing our wealth of experience and expertise as well as our warm spirit, tremendous energy, and inspiration, we will support your efforts to find the changes you want.

To help you take your actions to the next level we will explore your goals and the obstacles that are standing in the way. Through focusing on your strengths and guiding a structure around success, we will create measurable steps so that anything is possible.

#1: BOOK

Start the moment finding process by booking a FREE exploratory session.


Your current career or business journey and challenges.

#3: PLAN

With Heather, you’ll feel confident that you’ll have a plan of action that is right for you.


Gain clarity and succeed in finding your moments.

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